Friday, June 30, 2006


I’m hitting 29 years in a week, and I made this list of all the little lessons I’ve learned in life, which took me 29 years to fully understand and accept. When I was 15, I thought I’ve learned all there is to learn in life; when I was 20 I thought I could not do more than what I’ve already done; when I was 25, I knew there was more. Now when I’m turning 29, I know that these lessons I’ve learned the hard way are true and I hope that somehow I could glide through life more smoothly now…

1. It is better to know how to cook your own meals.
2. Math is not the end of the world.
3. You have to learn to trust yourself more.
4. You don’t have to live your life based on the opinions of other people.
5. Throw your hat over the fence.
6. When life gets tough, take it one day at a time.
7. Good health should never be compromised.
8. You appreciate home more after you leave it.
9. You must have clean fingernails and toenails at ALL times.
10. You must not apologize to a friend just because she didn’t get things her way.
11. You must not waste precious time with people who doesn’t care and so full of themselves.
12. Allow yourself a substantial amount of time to resolve all your personal issues.
13. Always follow the rules.
14. The Golden Rule works all the time.
15. It pays to be organized and detail-oriented.
16. Sometimes the easiest way is the stormiest way out.
17. Save for a rainy day.
18. There is always a solution to every problem.
19. Good things happen to those who wait.
20. Never allow myself become frumpy and unkempt.
21. Happiness is a choice and a state of mind.
22. Love yourself more first and foremost.
23. Be open to new ideas and new experiences.
24. Be happy to give a compliment, and be gracious to receive one.
25. Learn and relearn everything in life.
26. Be happy for others.

27. Do what you can and enjoy what you can today, because tomorrow, you might be too old for it.
28. Keep your expectations within reason and your hopes high.
29. Marriage is a wonderful thing.


Roselle said...

To the best girlfriend in the world: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Re the bowl set- wanting it is really a reflection of a time of your life. I think it is too orthodox if we confine a woman's identity into just one dimension - we continue to evolve and while we still want those jewels too, at this point, the bowl set is just too tempting to resist. Besides you are usually in a cooking mode so the bowls make real sense to me...

I joined blogspot just so I'm able to comment :)

Jassy said...

Thanks for this thoughtful comment, Roselle! I love it. I'm getting antsy becoming 29. I hope it's gonna be a great year.

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