Thursday, June 08, 2006

my choleric relationship with newspaper reading

When I read newspapers, I always check the Entertainment section first. Does that make me a an ignoramus?

I am talking about when I read Inquirer or Philippine Star or the local dailies, whether actually leafing through the pages or online. I have a peculiar pattern- Entertainment, Lifestyle, Opinion, Comics and then the Headlines. Sometimes I think that's quite a strange pattern, however, I would proudly stand by it and I have my reasons for doing so.

I read the newspapers because I want to be always updated on the happenings of the country. I am not exactly a political person, nor would I wish to be an activist or something of that sort. I am just curious about what's going on. And most of the time, I go from curious to annoyed to mad as hell. I always find the opinions thought-provoking, but I loathe the headlines. I rarely read the editorials because I think they're too long and don't offer enough comfort for me. I also think it is too insipid in the effort of being impartial. I just want to focus on something light and compelling, and if I possibly could, just pleasant, agreeable and stimulating news.

Like I said, I am not privy to politics, which is why I despise all politicians. And sad thing is, they're always on the headlines- doing what they do best- mudslingings, smear campaigns, name-calling, hatchet jobs. All in the name of their so-called doggone statemanship, love of country and devotion to the masses. What a baloney! If they're truly committed then they would HELP and NOT be preoccupied with destroying every other politicians on their way. They seem to have all the opinions and condemnations, but never the solutions. Basta, whoever is in the top position is evil and has to step down. That's always their standpoint. I remember David asking me once if I could make a list of my top 10 rotten politicians that has to be executed. If he would ask me about that now, I could give him a list in 1o seconds. And I know who's on the top of my list. How I hate him.

This is precisely what makes me mad when I read the newspapers. Nothing but goofball politicians ranting about how the president's destroying the country. It's always the president's fault. If the oil prices are high, it's the president's fault. If the roads, schools and facilities on their own districts are gummed up, always the president's fault, if the population increases, it's the president's fault again. Well, even an oncoming typhoon is still the president's fault! You can read the same ludicrous things every single day. And yet, as righteous as they proclaimed they are, they can never offer themselves to help. It's pretty obvious they're only displacing their hapless incompetence, ignorance and insincerity. And it makes feel a little angry inside.

Sometimes I think it's better to read recipes than to subject myself to that lunacy. It's better to read about travel, fashion, shows and events rather than douse myself with such hogwash. What I always find mirth-worthy is Pugad Baboy comics. I find it hilarious and truthful. So Pinoy and so witty at the same time. It never fails to create a smile.

As cranky as my relationship with reading the newspaper truly is, it doesn't mean I have to stop reading. Maybe because I still think I could find a glimmer of hope that it could change. Or maybe my fervent need to know everything that's stirring up the country. But I'm still hoping, and I won't lose this hope, that someday, there will truly be good news.

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