Thursday, June 22, 2006

dance event

Last night, David and I went to a fundraising event hosted by CMHS, where we work, called the Multicultural Dance Event. It was a showcase of different dances all over the world. We had a great time. Although at first David predicted nobody would show up, but the Clarendon Ballroom in Arlington was jam-packed by the time the show started at 7pm.

There were complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres during the two-hour show. And it happened again, I was asked for my ID when I tried to get some white wine at the bar. We either get a soda, beer or wine for our complimentary drink, and David dared me to ask for some wine at the bar and see if they'd ask for my ID :) Well, they did. And I just settled for a soda anyway. I wanted to take David's white wine, but the bouncer was eyeing us for possible underage drinking, hahaha! As David was going around taking pictures during the show, I feasted on sushi at the bar with an officemate.

The dance presentations were spectacular. Except for the last one, a salsa number where the pair just twirled around like they were drunk and traipsing on the dancefloor. It was quite a dreary performance compared to all other passionate routines of the dancers. I love the Sahara dancers! Their belly dancing and Middle Eastern dances were amazing and impressive! I also love the flamenco! Oh, the dancers were superb. All the footworks and intense rhythms and clapping of the hands, plus their very colorful costumes, was totally astounding.

Other dances include an West African dance, Irish step dance (the kids were cute in their bright and intricate costumes and curly hair), Indian and South Asian dances, Hasidic and Yiddish traditional dance, hip-hop, and other Middle Eastern dances. But the flamenco and the belly dance were the best-applauded performances. The whole show was wonderful. The current Miss Ethiopia emceed the event.

Several people from work were there, and we huddled together around our tiny table, chatting and having fun. We met families and loved-ones of co-workers, too. And in gatherings like this is when you get to more your coworkers beyond snappy lunches, strait-laced meetings and spontaneous idle talks on the hallway. I am loving the experience. It enriches the whole existence.

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