Wednesday, June 21, 2006

summer is here!

Summer officially started today! The humidity is making me giddy. But I love this season. There is a torrent of festivals, beach outings, flea markets and lively activities we can enjoy. I love this place, there is so much we can do!

Back home, summer is unofficially marked by the week-long celebration of the Semana Santa. By that time, temperature creeps up to an unbearable proportions. And people escape it by going to the beach, taking long siestas, cooling off in a water park or the mall, and overindulging on halo-halo. It's the season for fiestas, too. Time to reconnect with kin and loved ones.

During summer back home, flowers are abloom and fruits are abundant. And it's also the time for my favorite childhood summer memory- the Flores de Mayo. I remember until I was ten years old, I adored Flores de Mayo. I practically wiped out my grandmother's flower garden, just to bring a flower offering everyday to the Virgin Mary. And we get to learn to pray and play with other kids. And at the end of May, I get to be either an angel or Reina Elena in the Santacruzan.

I realized now that I have so many wonderful summer childhood memories it could fill an entire baul :) Now it's time to create more happy memories again. Because I think I missed the true essence of summer- relaxation, merriment and socializing. Back in high school and college, summers were spent on summer workshops and classes and many other extra-curricular activities. I am wondering if I could ever do simple things yet again. Start a hobby, explore places, have fun and throw my cares away. Maybe I could do that this year!

This is my second summer here, and I love it. There are many, many exciting things David and I can likely do. Go places, try out and enjoy the things we've never tried before, like visiting lighthouses, scouring more flea markets, visit more historic places. Ahh, all those possibilities!

Happy summer!!!

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