Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Crazy little Christmas presents list

If I were Santa this year, I’d like to give my favorite, lovely, delightful friends the quirkiest and the swankiest Christmas presents. Here’s my list:

Roselle - fly chef Dimitri Fayard of Vanille Pâtesserie in Chicago to her home in the Gold Coast for a private baking lesson
Farrah – a weekend at Le Spa de l’Hivernage, Hivernage Hotel and Spa in Marrakech,
Taryn – a private serenade from John Mayer (and get married to John Mayer)
Faith – a 12-day Food and Wine Tour in Germany
Bonna – a trove of vintage jewelry pieces in a handcrafted Agresti Magdelian jewelry box
Lia – a dozen Christian Louboutins, a dozen Manolo Blahniks and a dozen Jimmy Choos
Mei – a date with Mr. Right (Prince William?)
January – a shopping spree at Burberry for the newest mommy
Karen – Half a dozen Chanel outfits of her choice, plus Lanvin accessories
Fevi – a trunk-full of pearl jewelry for the girl with the sunniest personality
Otette – Tango lessons in Argentina
Bardott – a brand new house with gold-plated fences
May Ann – a ski trip in Gstaad, Switzerland
Kati – breakfast in bed at the Penthouse Suite, The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco
Lanie – a la Lara Croft adventure trip in Cambodia
Carol – her dream guy in a faille-wraped huge box (with a Bvlgari necklace pakapin!)
James A. – a private Phantom of the Opera show where he plays Christine :)
…And of course, to my all-time favorite friend, David – a super white BMW M6 coupé and the Burma Workshop with Steve McCurry

But until I stumble upon an indecent amount of money, or upon a magic well which dispenses a never-ending supply of moolah… you all have my LOVE. :)

Happy Holidays!