Monday, June 12, 2006

my dinner date

I went out on a little date with my hubby last Saturday night. It was not the mushy candle-lit dinner date, but just a nice and thoughtful "let's go out so that you don't have to cook dinner anymore". And I thought it was so romantic and solicitous of him.

We went to this Vietnamese restaurant, which we nosed out from the Washingtonian. It was a no-nonsense place where they only serve their specialty- Phở. David liked this traditional Vietnamese noodle dish, but it was my first time to taste it. It was an interesting bowl filled with white rice noodles in beef broth, with thin cuts of beef brisket. Actually, you have a choice of steak, fatty flanks, or tripes and even chicken. Other ingredients are onions, coriander leaves, basil, mint, bean sprouts and lime. I love it. The taste is something new to me, yet it was very satisfying. Not bad on my first try.

The little date with him was a far cry from our dating mode before. I remember at the end of the month, we would dress up, give each other little presents and we would celebrate our 'birthday'. Abundant flowers never fail to delight me. It was definitely memorable. I was always looking forward to that end-of-the-month celebration. But I would never trade our little date last Saturday with those lavish and trendy indulgence. I adore him when we dated, and I adore him more now because he has become more considerate, chivalrous and decidedly warmhearted. Little things he does make me feel special.

Like when we were a young, dating couple, he would go an extra mile to make our days truly special. And he has never forgotten those romantic and gallant ways. As married couple now, in our own special way, we've managed to surprise each other with tender and committed deeds of love.

Esto es para usted, David. :)

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