Monday, June 19, 2006

Courage Cup

We were invited to a charity polo match (the 2006 Courage Cup) by David's friend last Saturday. It was held at the Green Meadows Polo Club in The Plains, Va. It was our first polo match and we thought it was fancy- but definitely great. I love the tailgate picnic! It was a hot and humid Saturday (around 90 degrees) and so we were slowly scorched under the sun. It was one lovely and thrilling afternoon for us, but unfortunately, the day did not start as dandy and unruffled as it should be.

That- is an entirely different story. And I could devote a whole new blog post for that. Let me just say, the chaos involved a misrepresentation, a knotty schedule and Little Miss Ginger Ale. The first one, I must admit, was clouded by my reluctance and impatience. The other two were total disappointment. And David and I were mortified, exasperated and disturbed. Positively quagmired.

But let me babble about the Courage Cup. As described, it was the hallmark of the Washington Social Calendar. To be there was exhilarating enough. Our group had a tailgate picnic, and I guess it was enjoyable. We enjoyed the whole scene. Though we did not pay that much attention to the game, but I think the whole event was designed more for socialization- meeting people, to see and be seen, just having fun. And of course, everything was for charity.

I loved everything about the event- the nice-looking people in elegant outfits, the great-looking horses, horsemen swinging the tiny ball with their mallet, and this thing called divot stomping. The mood of the whole event was captivating and impressive.

How I wish that the day started out splendidly. But no use lamenting what had just transpired. I'm glad it ended wonderfully. I'd rather spend a day which began rather shaky and turned out to be a blast, than a day started off jubilantly and ended horribly, totally ruining the day. I enjoyed our day out at the Courage Cup!

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