Thursday, June 15, 2006

my biggest (yet) obsession

Lately, I have been a girl of many obsessions- perfecting sunny side up, hanging the bath towel to dry in my preferred way, not moving any of my stuff in the kitchen (so that I'll be able to reach anything even with my eyes shut), taking out the trash on the dot, doing my rituals in a precise sequence and manner, among other silly things. And then... getting obsessed with dogs. I watch dog shows and Animal Planet a whole lot. And I get excited and envious everytime I see a dog out prancing about, or drooling in a car window.

You see, I've left an adorable, bratty tiny little dog back home. And I miss her terribly. She's an angel, although my mom told me recently she has become kind of a prima donna- always wanting to do things her way. And as expected, my mom was indulging her.

She was a gift to me a couple of years ago. At that time, I lost my other dog and I thought I could not bear to have another dog again. But she turned out to be a real joy. I love her so much, she's the cutest thing in the whole world. But soon after, she has become more my mom's dog (she'd ignore me when mom's around, and she'd rush to my mom, not to me when we get home) as she was my dog. But we have a special bond together. Now, everytime I talk to my mom on the telephone, she'd let me "talk" to her, too, and mom said, she would perk up when she hears the word "bubblelicious". She had always liked it when I call her that way.

And so, I have been hinting for a long time now how tempting it is to have a tiny dog. But as appealing as it was, I know we can't have a dog right now. So I guess I'd just have to deal with getting envious to every dog and dog owner right now. And recently, I have been urging my hubby to have an excursion to the animal shelter, so that we can take a look at all their adorable dogs. Something tells me at the back of my mind it's extraordinary to rescue a dog. But then again, I'd just have to appease myself with just holding them and petting them, even for just a while.

I would tell my hubby, we can pretend to be prospective adoptive pet parents, and then we can hug and enjoy as many dogs as we want to. And I even have this plan to visit as many animal shelters as we can. Faced with the prospect of spending Saturday and Sunday afternoons in shelters, the look on his face was of total skepticism :)

So I am now in a tangled emotional hubbub. I really love those malti-poos, or even those rambunctious Parson Russell terriers, or maybe the goo-goo eyed King Charles spaniels- but I guess my heart will forever be pinned down to my little terri-poo rascal back home.

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