Sunday, July 02, 2006

David's surprise birthday

David recently had his birthday, but our friends Darko and Janet hosted a post-birthday suprise party for him last Saturday. Also the night before, we went out for our much-delayed birthday dinner. The reason for these delayed celebrations was the abominable weather the previous week. It had been raining incessantly, and it was too agonizing to even go out in that undesirable weather. So it was wise to move all the gaiety that weekend. David and I went to McCormick & Schmick's, a real swanky seafood restaurant. We haven't really been to a seafood restaurant in a long time, so it was a good decision. We had the greatest time! I had the grilled halibut and he had the seafood platter. It was marvelous.

I only knew about Darko's plan for the surprise party last Thursday. It was so exciting because knowing me, I couldn't contain a secret, so it would be a real test of self-restraint. I did a great job in keeping the secret from him! He absolutely had no idea and he never suspected anything. Earlier that day, we attended a baby shower for an officemate. And since the party wrapped up at 5pm, and the surprise party wasn't happening until 8.30pm, I managed to convince him to go to the mall. Darko's alibi to him was just to watch a movie at their place. I successly got him to linger a little more at the mall before we headed out to the party.

The mall stopover proved to be beneficial for me, too, since he indulged me with a couple of fragrances plus a couple of body lotion. And not to mention an additional red tube top. :) I love my hubby!

And so going up to Darko's place in the elevator, I tried so hard to keep myself from bursting out the exciting secret about to happen. I was worried I looked so smug, and he'd suddenly act suspicious. And so ever-nochalantly, I pushed the doorbell button a thousand times (like we always do, for fun!) and there was Darko, welcoming us (thanks Heavens, he did not make a silly comment like, "look there's nobody here!" like he did to Janet's surprise birthday last year).

And then six friends jumped out from hiding and screamed "surprise" to an obviously surprised David! His first ever suprise party was a hit! It was seconds after that he realized the surprise party was for his birthday, he told me he thought they were just playing a surprise joke with him :)

Darko elaborately prepared the party for him. The whole enchilada- balloons, champagne and beer, grilled chicken, lasagna, gyros and french fries. And there was even an ice cream cake for him! And he got a belated birthday present, a camera tripod from our friend Derek. I guess he was totally taken by surprise by the whole treat.

The night was spent watching Shakira videos, chatting and - babbling about our least-liked officemates, enjoying the food and toasting to David. It was a great, great night spent with friends. And I'm grateful to Darko (the eternal party guy) for taking an extra mile to celebrate David's birthday.

Later we hung out at their balcony eating more gyros and sharing stories about anything. It was a great Saturday night. Happy birthday hubby!


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