Friday, April 28, 2006

fried egg friday

This, is one bizarre title for a blog entry like this! It's totally unrelated to my story this Friday. (Though I had thought of having fried egg+toast for breakfast this morning). But it seems like a kooky idea ;)

Anyway, I attended the panel interview for a job candidate this afternoon for the first time. (I was invited to come yesterday to the other candidates' interview, however, I chose to take my time at lunch, hence, I missed it). It went well, and I guess the girl's gonna be hired.

It has been a busy week. And tiring. And not to mention frustrating. I felt it was just like a series of waking up late, rushing for work, eating lunches, going home, and then the day is over. And I even felt there's no enough time to do my chores at night. After dinner, it feels like there's no downtime, and before I know it, it's time to go to bed. Where are those days when I anxiously wait for the day to end because it seems to streeeeeeeeeeetch forever? Has my world changed?

Well, I guess the most logical explanation is that I lead a very different life now. Aside from wondering (with a tiny little bit of complaining) how time goes really fast, I guess life is good for me since I enjoy the responsibilities. I like doing chores and keeping our household in order. And I like the peace and quiet, the predictability, the unhurried life David and I share.

But we still get to enjoy beautiful moments together, sharing a snack when we get home, fixing dinner, prodding each other who should take out the trash, watching tons of shows on TV. Our nights at home are full. Plus- we get excited what to do over the weekend. And lately, our gauge on how time flies is Big Love. Big Love na naman! It always feels like we've only watched the show the night before, and yet we're about to see a new episode on Sunday.

Our plan for the coming weekend is to jog at 7am. This, still remains to be seen, since both of us aren't exactly the people who get up before 10 am on weekends (except if we're going away on a trip). However, I hope the weather would be good tomorrow, the past Saturdays had been chilly, rainy, if not, windy. Not an ideal day (for us, hehehe) to go jogging. We could only admire people we pass by jogging under a drizzle or a gusty day. As much as we want to jog religiously (!), it seems we're always circumvented by weather reasons, hehehe.

Friday nights used to be take-out nights, however, I have a strong feeling he's not up for it tonight. For several nights now, I've been hinting take-outs to him (BK, Taco Bell, Baja Fresh, Super Pollo, etc.) to no avail ;) I'm such a lousy negotiator!

If I cannot persuade him tonight to get takeout then it's gonna be a pasta friday night. :) I could make some chicken rotini with bell pepper. Or maybe I could just make the Spanish rice he had been mentioning the other day. We'll see tonight.

I hope it's gonna be a great weekend! We have plans to meet a friend on Saturday afternoon. I hope it's gonna be warm, warm, warm. Can't take the chilly air anymore!

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