Friday, April 21, 2006

what to do with leftover roast chicken

Sometimes, one falls into a quandary- what to prepare for dinner, when you are in a rush to whip something nice and tasty. It happened to me last night. Normally, I would have planned our meals ahead, but it's ever so often inevitable that one simply fails to come up with a planned meal (this happens towards weekends when one is tired and too eager for the week to end).

So last night, I found there was still the leftover whole roast chicken in the ref, I decided to create something from it. I fileted the meat (around 1 cup), prepared green beans (cut into half, around 1/2 cup), sliced carrots (1/2 cup), opened a small can of sliced mushrooms, and prepared to make a yummy meal out of it.

I sauteed onion slices in 1 tbsp. olive oil, added the green beans, carrots and mushroom. I stir-fried the stuff for around 3 minutes, and left it covered to further cook (under medium heat). Afterwards, I added the chicken filet, mixed everything, added a generous sprinkle of seasoned salt (and dash of black pepper). I added a few drops of sesame oil, and voila! A delightful dinner recipe. It serves two (for one hungry hubby and one happy wifey).

It is such a glee to chance upon great ways to touch up and invigorate simple, quiet Thursday dinners at home...

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