Thursday, April 20, 2006

we walked the line

Last night, we watched the movie Walk The Line on DVD with our Kong-sized pizza, ginseng-honey iced tea, plus two dogs hovering around (trying to beg for a bit of pizza). It was our third night of housesitting and doggysitting, and we were havin' a lot of fun. The dogs were adorable, and we were trying so hard not to give in to their 'begging puppy' looks.

Well, a little 'accident' happened the other night- we made lumpia and David got burned by the hot oil from the frying pan, and so after eating, we left to buy some burn ointment. We just left the leftover lumpia at the table thinking the dogs won't be able to reach it. However, when we got back, a mi horror, all the lumpia are gone! Jake (the Springer spaniel) ate it all and left no trace (clever dog!). We knew it was him, since the other (old) dog Thea can't possibly get up and reach the table because of her arthritis, hehehe. Anyway, and he's not supposed to eat human food! But he was okay in the morning. No harm done, so this story is something I'd rather forget.

Anyway, back to the movie :) It was good and enjoyable. Reese was good on it, and she thoroughly deserves her Oscar. Joaquin was very, very good and passionate as Johnny Cash, too bad he did not win. We enjoyed their costumes and it was fun listening to their Southern drawl. The story is quite good and I always love a beautiful, not the overwrought, schmaltzy, demented kind of love- I like the passion, despair and hopefulness displayed in unrequited love. I'm an unrequited-love-story junkie, hehehe. Although I can't say theirs was an unrequited love. But I think it's remarkable how June Carter gave her support to Johnny Cash during his most difficult times.

I think the film ended a bit too suddenly. However, it's still a beautiful story. I love Reese and Joaquin.

It will be our last night housesitting tonight, and surely we're gonna miss the dogs. But I'm more than happy to be back to our warm, more comfy bed.

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