Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Big on Love

For the last five Sunday nights, David and I have been tuned in to HBO's Big Love. It is an interesting story- three homes, three wives, seven children, a crazy father-in-law, the usual "not-so-usual" family. Bill is the polygamist extraordinaire :) Anybody who thinks having three wives is heaven on earth must be deluded. In Bill's case, three wives plus three homes equals triple bills to pay, triple headaches and triple trouble.

I find it amusing to find the characters respond to different situations. Barb is the martyr/motherly-like, Nicki is jealous, demanding and a big-spender, and Margene is the clueless one. They act like normal big, happy family despite the fact that they share the same husband. They say the worse punishment of having three wives is having three in-laws! Bill's just got one on the show, his father in-law (Nicki's dad), a real menace.

Big Love is very entertaining. It gives the viewers a glimpse of the life of a non-convential family which is not usually portrayed on TV. And human nature is characterized well. No one's perfect, what may be unperceivable for some might be palpable for a few. There's a clear struggle there for what is right, what's lawful, what's plausible, and what's reality.

Other critics say it's nowhere near the cachet of Sex and the City, or Six Feet Under or the Sopranos. I think the show offers a different flavor. It might not be spectacularly huge, however, it has an engaging quality to it. And you can't help it to get curious and immersed. I am excited to know what will happen next. Will Bill get another wife? Well, if he's crazy enough to get another rock to strike his head. :)

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