Saturday, April 15, 2006


I am alone at home on this lovely Saturday, trying to prep things up around the house, trying so hard to concentrate on housework and not get distracted by TV or anything else. However, since I started around 9am, I managed to get myself distracted with three old episodes of sex and the city on HBO ;) It's already 1pm, and I haven't made major progress on housework yet. Well, at least I had loaded the kitchen linens on the washer/dryer. But that's it. I haven't even eaten lunch yet.

And then... on TBS- along came Hook! Who could ever not love this movie?! For those who loved the Peter Pan cartoon movie would looove Hook. I haven't seen this movie for a long, long time. And what a delight to watch it on TV again! It is the absolute kid movie, but I believe it's for grown ups, too. Everyone of us have our happy thoughts :)

So I allowed myself to get distracted again. My favorite part of the movie is when the Lost Boys had a hard time recognizing Peter Pan (who's all grown up in the movie), and then one little lost boy came forward and pinched Peter's face, and exclaimed, "there you are Peter!" And I guess I could add the part when Maggie sang the song their mom used to sing to them so that she could never forget. And one more- when Peter divulged to Wendy, why he left his home to never grow up. Wendy told him, the reason why he couldn't remember his happy thought may be because there are far too many bad memories.

This is a delightful, romantic fanstasy movie. Young and old alike, I believe, can relate to this. It speaks about about the extraordinary relationship between Peter and Wendy, Peter and his kids, Peter and the Lost Boys... And all in all, I guess it tells about our personal relationships with ourselves... We have a choice whether to grow up or not, to stay or not to stay, to forget or never to forget.

So I recommend to watch this movie again. It's good for the heart and soul :) It reminds us never to forget. Many years may be added to our age, heaps of successes and failures may pass, however, one should never forget the essence, the happiness, the irrepressible joy that is called childhood.

What's your happy thought?

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