Thursday, April 06, 2006

throw your hat over the fence

"the" Truth in the Way of Life:
If you cannot figure out a way to climb over a fence, throw your hat over the fence, and then you WILL find a way to climb it.
Throw you hat over the fence has become my silent motto in life. Essentially, it means whenever facing difficult tasks, throw your hat over the fence, and make that commitment.
Being motivated to do a certain thing sometimes take more than a nudge. Sometimes you need to push yourself into a situation, where turning your back on it is unacceptable, and you have to deal with it. Taking a risk is more beneficial, rather than spending the rest of your life wondering 'what could have been?'
How many times have we pushed aside an opportunity or shelved a chance to say something, just because we thought it was hard? And were afraid to know the consequences? Many of us, including myself, would always veer away from any sticky wicket as much as possible. However, chances are, there will be an unending barrage of 'what ifs' and at the end, we will never know. Bailing out on Research Methodology class, forsaking a qualifying exam, refusing to start a new, promising career because you're afraid to leave your present job (even though how unhappy it makes you), rotting away in a pointless relationship just because you're too chicken to know what will happen next if you walk out of it - these are the circumstances when it's best to throw your hat over the fence.
I've learned through life experiences that when facing monumental tasks, it is best to face it and deal with it. Fleeing is out of the question. Swallow the pill, throw your hat over the fence! I used to have a lot of uncertainties before, lots of what ifs, however, throwing my hat over the fence has taught me to take a chance on eventuality.
Right now, I am taking a step further. I've thrown my hat over the fence. Now I'm climbing over, and I hope I'd get there unscathed. I really wanted this job, and it has been a long, arduous (and sometimes frustrating) process. However, I've committed myself to it, and I intend to make it. No regrets, I did it because I want no room for what if? I'm a little scared, but I'm hopeful. Whatever happens, this is still better than wondering all my life what could've happened if only.


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Eric said...

I like it. Hope your new job works out for you.