Monday, May 01, 2006

good tv, bad tv weekend

It was a wonderful (and quite successful) weekend. We went jogging! We never managed to get up at 7am, so we jogged at 9:30. But we did not go far because I got sick. Poor me. And due to years of non-exercise, we are suffering right now of aching legs. We vowed to make it a regular weekend jog. However, next weekend we're going away on a trip, so I hope the following weekend we'll be quite lucky ;)

And my pasta friday night turned out to be General Tso's (not!) night. I decided to make my trying-oh-so-hard version of General Tso's chicken, however, I failed miserably. I'm brokenhearted. It's been a series of unfortunate events with my kitchen experiments :(

Has anyone seen Sweet 16 on MTV lately? Can you believe how those kids are acting? Spoiled, good-for-nothing brats! They behave as if they're gonna die when things don't go their way. They scream at their parents, they look down on their peers, they ridicule every creature who are not as cool as they are. And they only think about their grand entrance, and their expensive cars, and outdoing other sweet sixteen parties. I especially despise that girl Sophie, who humiliates other kids like she's the greatest and the most beautiful person on Earth. But then again, beautiful people DON'T humiliate other people. That's why she has humilation frenzy against other people because she is u____. Enough said.

The show is a shallow, debilitated example for other kids out there. Riches and self-centeredness and extravagance are not the only way to be cool, popular and accepted. The show is giving wrong, poor messages to teens.

On the other hand, we love Big Love and National Geographic Channel's Dog Whisperer! Big Love had an exciting episode last night. And we love to see mean dogs 'rehabilitated' on Dog Whisperer :) These shows are entertaining without giving you the a dreadful mood. We also love The Amazing Race. And yup, we watch AI, too, hehehee.

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Eric said...

I've gotta go with The Office on this one. Steve Carrell is phenomenal.