Tuesday, May 30, 2006

by golly, they got married!

At last, our friends Darko and Janet tied the knot. After a couple of years engagement and countless challenges along the way, they finally wed. It happened on a perfect bright and cool Saturday afternoon at the penthouse of their home building. It was a lovely day to be wed- sunny and breezy and only the minor mishaps happened. Everything went well according to plans. (Well, almost. The DJ played the wrong song for their first dance). But all in all, it was a great wedding.

Friends cheered as they were pronounced husband and wife, and everyone was convivial while posing for the official wedding photographs. The groom's nephew, who was the ring bearer, looked adorable in his tuxedo. The butter-colored pineapple custard wedding cake looked so nice, (and yummy, too!). The bride wore a beaded white bustier wedding gown and she had a nice bouquet of cream-and-pink roses.

It was a nice party at the reception, too, because Peruvian and Bosnians do know how to party a lot :) So it was a jubilant mix of Latin music and Bosnian folk music, which the whole family zestfully danced to. The delighted bride danced all night! She was so full of energy.

Nothing can possibly spoil the beautiful evening (not even the snooty caterer's headwaitress who shooed other guests away at the buffet table, because, your table is not called yet, that's what the biggety girl actually said; or the absent-minded DJ who played a tacky Richard Marx song rather than the charming Bryan Adams song that they chose). There were free-flowing drinks, which made people happy and go me sick the following day. :) After the caterers left, sumptuous lamb was served by the family and more merrymaking was done.

The happy event was so great. The bride and groom could only sigh for relief because all their hard work has paid off. The cake arrived safely, the minister did not get lost, the ring bearer did not misplace the rings, the caterers showed up, and the bride showed up! :) Now they're bound for eternity- abundant happiness, tons of love and a dozen kids!

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