Monday, May 22, 2006

my favorite cheapo* finds

Here are a couple of my favorite finds last weekend:

Maybelline Pure makeup. In porcelain ivory.

It's scent-free, oil-free and totally smudge-free. It doesn't leave a cake-y substance in my face, and since it's 50% water, it feels light and it doesn't give a warm, icky feeling like most of cake foundations do.

It comes in an attractive light-green tiny tube, which is trendy and fresh. It also takes lesser time to apply and blend compared to cake makeups. It gives an instant glow and less fuss, especially if you're in a rush each morning.

I looove this cute little fellow.

And here's another one:

Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick. In Rare Ruby.

I love how it glides and how pretty it stains the lips. It's the perfect red- not too bright, not to dark, not too scandalously-red. It's a healthy-looking red, I may say.

Plus the moisturizer doesn't chap the lips and it keeps it smooth and well-moisturized without being clammy. It has a nice scent, too. Not the overwhelming fruity flavor though. I think it's the aloe component, which really taste fresh and not gross.

This, should be, the perfect sales pitch. :)

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