Monday, May 15, 2006

recipe for a bad night out

take 1 eager future sister-in-law,
1 strong-willed bride to be;
add 1 confused groom to be,
mix with sleazy-looking nightclub-
voilá! a disastrous night.

Last weekend, I got invited to a girls night out by a friend who's a bride-to-be (getting hitched in two weeks), and it was her future sister-in-law who organized it in her honor. The big glitch was- the bride was hesitant to go to the said night club and would rather go to a different place.

And so, I thought we were not going with her future sister-in-law to the club anymore, however, at the last minute, she was convinced by her fiancé to go and have fun with his sister, who painstakingly planned the whole thing for her.

When we got to the place (her fiancé and my husband dropped us girls there), it wasn't exactly the place we wanted to be at that particular night. The place looked seedy, and the location was in a badly-lit area, there was a construction site nearby, and the crowd we saw wasn't exactly a comfortable looking bunch (at least for us), and it's so far away from a well-lit, busy street where we could hail a cab home (because much to my chagrin, the guys were NOT planning on picking us up after at all). The fiancé, who was too eager to drop us off and leave, insisted we go in and have fun. However, our unanimous choice was NOT to get off the car.

The fiancé was faced with an enormous snafu- to leave his fiancee and her gang at the club (albeit obvious opposition) to elude his own sister's diappointment? Or to heed his fiancée's decision to skip the club altogether and go somewhere else?

Ah, what a complicated situation. The bride-to-be, who has her own mind and couldn't be told what to do, insisted (rather, demanded) we leave pronto and not wait anymore for the poor sister.

The fiancé, looking so distressed, had no choice but to leave and drive us at the place where the bride-to-be wanted to go initially. We ended up at the Carribean-themed resto-bar favored by her (which is practically steps away from our place). The fiancé joined us much later because he went back to the club to pick up his sister and clearly, the sister was pissed-off and cancelled the whole night out with her other friends. And also, their boys night out went kaput. And while the fiancé was so bothered by the turn of events, the bride-to-be, in her true nonchalant self, enjoyed the night away like the unhappy event never happened.

Oh, well. What a night. What rotten luck. It happens all the time. Although it is much, much bothersome when one is torn between two conflicting entities- and wanting to please them both. Tricky, tricky situation.

However, there are much more bigger issues to be concerned of rather than the inconvenience of an axed night out, bruised prides and who's right, who's wrong. And there are plenty of Saturday nights ahead to drink and be merry. Cheers!

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