Wednesday, May 10, 2006

red letter day

On May 14, Sunday, it will be exactly one year ago when I came here. Looking back, it had been a fruitful year. I've learned many, many, many lessons along the way and I could definitely say I've grown older, wiser and much happier.

Growing up, I realized, means coming to terms with myself. I have learned, and accepted that not everything comes my way and it doesn't have to be the end of the world. I've learned to throw my hat over the fence, and I have learned to appreciate more a quieter and peaceful life. I have become a better "me". And that, is the most important accomplishment.

I have learned a lot in my first year here. It's very exciting, it's like being in a huge laboratory, with all the gadgets and accoutrements- at first getting adrift and confused, and slowly, day by day getting accustomed to all of it. It's a BIG learning experience where at the end of the day, I always get the rewards.

Life is tough, we've experienced our share of rainy days, too. However, I have all the support that I need in the person of David. And I believe in my heart, that's the only thing one needs in wading through rough waters. I feel blessed to have someone to hold on to, to have someone to share with the burden of life. Life has been easier and breezier and rosier each passing day with him.

But I miss all the things I left at home- my mom, my spoiled, bratty little dog, my friends, the comfortable familiarity of everything. But I am happy to be here, and I love the new life and new experiences. And I'm lucky that the people I left behind are so understanding and not exactly the emotional sandbags type. I'm especially proud and grateful to my Mom.

Looking ahead, I'm optimistic. What I learned here is to be patient, calm, to be assertive and speak out, to empower myself and to be mellower and less frantic and to enjoy life. I hope to do better and better. I've learned to value myself and love myself more.

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