Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Today's Strategic Planning Activity

I was pleasantly surprised to have actually enjoyed today's Strategic Planning activity at work. I muttered to myself silently on the way to the office this morning how unprepared I was and how bored I would certainly get. I signed up for the Board Development small-group discussion (which was the most unpopular topic because only two people signed up for it!). We were merged with another small group, however, there were still few members on our group- three old-timers and two newbies (us).

We were asked to discuss for an hour and a half the strengths, obstacles and limitations of the agency and find solutions to meet the agency's goals, yada, yada. The quintessential points of any small group discussion. It was actually a very interesting ninety minutes. The older ones pointed out the weaknesses of the agency that has been tormenting the community for years, the truth about the system and a lot of other stuffs we never knew before. It was really interesting to listen and absorb all those information. And, as newbies, we got to share our insights, too. All in all, it was great and it was a nice group (being small, not prone to chaotic exchange of ideas, blah, blah).

I was assigned to write the details of our discussion and I got to write the conclusions on the paper for the big presentation. One of the oldies asked me if I went to a Catholic school. I did, and she said she could tell by my handwriting. I can't puzzle out the link, though :) We'll, I was glad our paper was, by far, the neatest and the most organized paper during the presentation. All the others are like vines on the wall, hehe.

We had pizza for lunch, and some Lebanese stuff (in the kitchen, others were unlucky to have missed it). It was a wonderful activity for me. It was a lesson in participation, cooperation and commendation. And I could proudly say, I passed fairly well. And that little thing, made me happy today.

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