Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday mania

At lunch today, the ladies at work got into some frenzied discussion about Grey’s Anatomy. They’re totally flipped out over the romance, the intrigues and all that fire about the show. And we’re not talking about college girls here going bananas over it. I’m talking about mature, PhD-ed women who eat clinical terms for breakfast and spew out therapeutic this and therapeutic that throughout the day. And they gush about how on Thursday night at 9:00 pm, nobody can pull them out of the couch in front of the TV. Now that’s what I call a happy mania.

I haven’t watched a single episode of Grey’s Anatomy, however. The ladies at work have this “how could you?” look with a mouth agape in protest shot at me. But I heard so much about the show. And of course, the latest furor involving fag name-calling by Isaiah Washington. I heard so much about Dr. McDreamy, and I’m sure it’s a good show. But our eyes are settled on a different Thursday night show- The Office.

How do I describe the show? It’s funny, but not the outrageous scream-in-your-face, silly, gag-ridden funny kind of way. I think it has something to do with Steve Carrell. He’s perfect for his role as Michael Scott- a complete buffoon who thinks he is the life of the office, but his employees think otherwise. He behaves foolishly and inappropriately, misinterprets the context of nearly every situation, is unwittingly mean! But he’s actually quite a lonely guy. If Mr. Burns is a devil of a boss in the Simpsons, Michael is the daft, galling and totally inept boss. And the funniest thing is he thinks he’s got it all- looks, brains, charm, wit, sex appeal! How many times do we encounter people (bosses) like that?! How many clueless nitwits walk on this earth not having the slightest idea how boring and stupid they are?

And Dwight! He’s the poster boy for a bizarre and neurotic, yes-boy, overly ambitious, perennially-abused assistant. He makes me laugh all the time. And Jim and Pam, who like each other but can’t quite get it to the next stage. Don’t you like that kind of love angle?

The office is kind of small and crowded, and the air reeks of boredom and dissatisfaction. It felt like being stuck in a cage, and you’re being sucked-dry of your enthusiasm and joy in life, but can’t do something about it, anyway. In real life scenario, I know it happens a lot. And the biggest clowning glory of it all is having an obnoxious boss, who can keep a straight-face in the midst of his own stupidity. We’ve all experienced this kind of insanity, no?

One of the recent funniest scenes was when Michael decided to have an impromptu Mexican-themed party, and they made do with whatever they have. And so they put the “~” over the n in lemonade bottle making it lemoñade. A kooky way of Mexicanizing the lemonade, huh? Hehe Those guys are so clueless they’re so funny. They recently won the SAG Awards for Best Comedy Ensemble!

And I’m excited for tonight’s show- Michael hires strippers for Phyllis’ wedding shower. It will be a stupidity circus! Get a taste of The Office, at 8:30 tonight on NBC.

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