Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Love tales

Oh, please.
Oh, please.
Don't give me the deep freeze...
my heart's about to seize,
Oh, please.
Oh, please.
Oh, please!

Last Saturday night while we were at our friends house, they related to us how their cute nephew Stefan, while visiting their home minutes before we arrived and upon learning we are coming over, blurted out to them- “Jasmine loves me! Jasmine loves me!” Isn’t that sweet? A 3-year old boy loves me! Well, another 3-year old boy loved me before. His name was Jack, and he was Nursery student in the preschool where I taught before. I believe he’s about 11 now, and I wonder if he still remembers me, his beloved Teacher whom he wanted to marry. He wasn’t actually my pupil, he was nursery kid from the adjacent classroom (I taught Kinder 1) and he would frequent my class to the irk of my other pupils. One day, his teacher told me that Jack told her he wanted to marry me. To that, his teacher said, “well, you should practice writing your name so that at least you can sign your name on the marriage certificate!”

I wonder if memorable little tales are still remembered at this day and age. With so many things going on in the world, too many distractions and too many preoccupations, I wonder if friends still gather and talk about love. You know, just babbling away and giggling recollecting tales of love. I believe love is still the number topic to engross anybody. Love stories are always pleasant and exciting to hear, especially when it’s filled with challenges and twists and turns. And most especially if the stories are about the one you know and care about. I remember a lot of love stories of my friends.

And of course, I have a treasure chest of love tales also to tell my children and grandchildren. I try to look back at all beautiful memories and if I could bottle them up to preserve them for the future, I would. I anticipate a lot of cringing (and possibly barfing, I hope not!) from the young ones when I tell them those tales, but that doesn’t worry me. Because I know, at the back of their minds, in the deep recesses of their hearts, I know these pleasant memories will be embedded there, too. And it will grow, and inspire them to maintain their love tales, too.

No matter what you do, no matter how hard it gets, dwell in the bright side of love. Love always wins.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

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