Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Winter distractionS

It snowed again last night. And this morning, the ground was blanketed with bright sheet of wonderful snow. It was sunny, and pretty much a pleasant day. However, it is still cold. And for these past few days, I’ve been feeling kinda low because of the rotten bitter cold days. How many days left ‘til Spring? I can’t wait.

I’ve caught a fever. A fever making bead necklaces, that is. Somehow I need to distract myself against this tenebrous mood that winter brings. I’ve caught a fever making bead necklaces- and selling them. I’ve made six pieces initially, and was able to sell them all! Now I am making more. I sold another one yesterday. I am so excited, and it got the hubby all excited about it, too. He took wonderful pictures of it.

Making necklaces can be quite complicated. I never attended a class on jewelry/necklace making, so I just sort of taught myself how to do it. I’ve looked into a basic how-to online, and that’s about it. I guess I’m still on the discovery stage and so far, I’ve gotten positive feedbacks about my pieces. And that’s super great and it makes me happy!

I’ve discovered a couple of s that somehow makes this winter bearable, exciting and yummy- salsa and sushi. I’ve gotten the kick out of salsa and chips lately. Can’t get enough of Tostitos and medium Tostitos salsa! I’m quite strange because sometimes I like food as if I’ve discovered them for the very first time.

And I had sushi for lunch today. Isn’t that great?! Sushi never fails to lift up any crumbling mood. My friend gave me a box of California rolls sushi from Trader Joe’s and I just love it! Sushi makes anybody happy. Like a favorite song heard in the middle of a crazy day, like a surprise call from the one you love and miss, like love, love, love. Now that doesn’t make me sound like cuckoo, I hope. Hehe.

Winter is long, and I still have weeks and weeks to go. But I have things to keep me engrossed, unmindful of the single digit temperature and wind chills enough to make anyone insane. I just have to grin and bear it.

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