Monday, February 12, 2007

Can't stop thinkin' about food

Last weekend was all about food, food, food. I got a pint of my super loved Häagen-Dazs Rum Raisin last Friday. It’s one of my favorite flavors, the hubby would tease me it’s because of the rum. Hehe. Our freezer is full of half-consumed tubs of ice cream. When I last looked at the freezer, pints of cherry-vanilla, chocolate-chip cookie dough and some strawberry from a long time ago are lodged there. I guess we’re flavor-hopping. Our trips to the supermarket always have a stopover by the frozen aisle, with us scratching our chins deciding which flavors should we pick. Sometimes it takes us a minute to decide, but most of the time we resort to “whose turn is it this time to pick out a flavor?” fix. The hubby picked his own strawberry-banana smoothie fruit bars. Hmm, I’m not so keen about banana as a frozen concoction, hehe.

We spent the Saturday night at our friends’ house. He prepared three home-made pizza, and it was actually really good. Three varieties pa ha - meatlovers, vegetarian, and pepperoni-mushroom. He was excited to show us how he made the pizza. Well, he had some ready-made dough he got from Trader Joe’s and then he threw in all toppings imaginable. My favorite topping was the Bosnian-style bacon. Bacon and I are not all too chummy, but I like the Bosnian variety. Our friend showed us this huge slab of meat, bacon, that is. He said his mom got it from the farm where another Bosnian was making them. It’s pretty interesting, not the usual bacon in strips we’re all familiar with.

I also made sticky rice, which they like. It’s my own recipe- product of scouring the internet for a recipe which is doable and quick to make. So it’s not quite the "biko" from back home. But biko is essentially easy to make. The one that I made doesn’t look exactly like the stuff I know, but it sure smelled and tasted like one. I, unfortunately, wasn’t a biko-maker in the past. I’ve only learned and was bent upon making these dishes recently. I remember our friends liked the sticky rice dessert we had in the Thai restaurant we went to before, and they liked it so much. I thought it was pretty much like biko, so I told them I’ll try to make one for them. But it took me a long time to find sticky rice in Asian stores. So there, I was able to make some biko with coconut cream topping.

And then, there’s sushi.... (again!). Yesterday, after going to the mall to pick up more beads at Beadazzled (heaven, heaven, heaven!), the hubby suddenly had a craving for sushi. He said I got him into the sushi habit. So we wasted no time in satiating the sushi hunger, off we went to get it! And happier were we after gorging on those bitsy seaweed-wrapped, spicy goodness. We had ten pieces each, and pining for more! I would officially list sushi as one of my could-eat-it-everyday-my-whole-life food. The other one is pizza.

Ah, food. Next stop would be Brazilian food. A lady from work who’s from Brazil is taking us to a Brazilian restaurant soon. That is one yummy thing to look forward to. I can’t wait.

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