Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm in love!

After a day of rest to "rejuvenate" my soul... I thought it's wonderful to go on a spontaneous emotional spree- a wish list daydream, that is. Life is hard, but it's full of beautiful things, too. And I may not get all these things on my wish list anytime soon, but it's still swell to crave. It's free.
And so, here is my wish list. It's a lot of reasons to be happy, actually....
Miu Miu calf leather tote, in Girasole.
I just looove the color. Who can resist a mustard-y goodness? Definitely not me. I love the clean lines, too. Not too high-falutin' yet terribly appealing, don't you think?

Dior leather pumps with logo, in Natural.
All we need is a burst of color. Live! Be free! Taste life!

Narciso Rodriguez empire waist bubble dress
I love the color! It's my dream-dress-of-the-moment. Perfect for spring. Perfect for a wonderful, never-miss-the-fun day. Nobody will ever be sad or forlorn wearing this dress. I

Jake Gyllenhaal, in February GQ
" Dreamboat Extraordinaire".

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