Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I like my greens... doused with vinaigrette

Recently I’ve noticed my growing affinity for the color green. Not that it has become my top favorite color (I can say I’m still a “red” girl), but green is popping out a lot lately. In choosing household items, it seems to me green was a favored color. When we moved into our new place more than a year ago, I chose olive green bedding accessories and picked a fresh shade of green when we decided to paint one wall.

Our new curtains are cilantro, and even the shower curtain is green- sage to be exact. And I own mint green shirts. Before winter, I oh-so wanted to buy a pair of mint-green western boots. But the verve faded when winter set in. So now, it’s officially in my what-in-***-were-you-thinking moments. I mean, really. Did I really want to trod in the yet-to-be-seen snow this winter in bright green footwear? I know my hubby is having a Nelson Muntz ha-haa! moment right now.

In the past, blue was my favorite color. Then I outgrew it and adopted red as my favorite. I like the fiery, ebullient aura of color red. If this were an instant personality test, then I’m stimulating, energetic and bold. It’s more like the personality I want to match. Reds also have incredible will-power and they enjoy pleasant and colorful environment.

Now, why do I like green? Green is sensational. It could mean a lot of things, too. Greens the foliage, greens the veggies, green the young ‘un, green the money, green thumb, green tomatoes, green light, green with envy. And of course, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I always associate green with calmness, ease and relaxation, and life.

Last weekend, the hubby and I made some avocado shake – perfect green thirst quencher. Then I started to pine for green kaong and buko-pandan. Darn. The hubby and I love the greens, too. Aragula, bibb lettuce, romaine, spinach, endives, dandelions. We’re happy to munch on these greens, but we don’t agree on the dressing. He’s a ranch person while I’m a vinaigrette person. And I don’t just want it spritzed, I want it doused, deluged and drenched in vinaigrette. That will make me a happy green goat.

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