Friday, January 26, 2007

a peculiar case

Can you believe? Our Christmas tree is still standing? It’s the end of January, and soon it’s gonna be Valentine’s, and yet I still don’t have the strength to tear it down and put way the balls and all the trinkets. A pure case of indolence. No doubt about it. When I told my mom a couple of weeks ago that the tree is still there, she said to me- you’re so Pinoy. Hehe.

Anyway, I know it has to be taken down sooner or later. But when? Well, we seem to be adapted to the sight of the tree. It seems comforting. What to do, what to do? When you start hearing ads on Valentines Day on TV, it’s the time when I want to kick myself in the butt and yell to start moving my lazy rump. Nakakahiya, di ba? Maybe I’ll do it tonight.

I couldn’t be too sure, but the cold weather makes a sloth out of anybody. It’s such an agony to go out, and I feel so sleepy all the time. And yet lately, I have been having trouble sleeping at night. I think I am getting RLS (restless leg syndrome) and becoming an insomniac. See, I’m turning into a hypochondriac! I have such a peculiar case- my sleepiest times are around 2-3 pm when it’s all quite at work; 7:30 pm when it’s time to fix dinner, and 9 pm just after dinner. But when it’s time for bed, I have a hard time. And it’s harder to wake up at 6:30 am.

Can I blame it to the weather?

One thing’s funny though. Recently we purchased new bright red throw pillows. Lounging in the sofa, the minute I plop my head into its glorious fluffiness, I fall asleep instantly! It’s a good thing only if it doesn’t thwart my chores, but it does so it’s a bad thing.

I guess I am falling into a sleeping rut. What shall I do? Sloth and sleepiness is not a proper combination. I have to snap out of it, chop-chop!

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