Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The yogurt bandit

This incident is getting funnier. It used to be irritating. Now the more irritating it gets, the more comical it becomes. You see, from time to time we like to bring some yogurt at work and we like to eat it as dessert or a snack. What I like is the fruit-flavored, thick and creamy custard style kind. I haven’t been a long-time fan of yogurt. My hubby introduced me to the habit when we met years ago. It was funny because I never liked Yakult as a child. And when I expressed my interest to try the fruit-flavored ones, he told me I will not like it because it tasted like Yakult. But when I tried it, I found it interestingly delicious, and I liked it! And I have been a fan of the fruit-flavored ones since then.

Now back to my story. This morning, I brought the blackberry flavored yogurt at work. I placed it in the ref in the 4th floor kitchen thinking how nice it would be to have it as an afternoon snack. So after a couple of (boring) afternoon meetings today, I rushed to chow down the yogurt, finally! But surprise, surprise! The yogurt was gone.

The yogurt bandit strikes again!

Yes, there's a yogurt bandit. There had been several incidents in the past when all the yogurt that we brought at work went missing when it was time to eat it. I don’t know who’s the nincompoop who got the appetite to our custard-style, fruit-flavored yogurt and stole it. What a twerp. A total idiot. It annoyed me to heavens, after at least four times finding a much-desired yogurt gone, so the hubby and I decided to put a sticker with our name on it – taking chances on being teased about it. But it worked, since then nobody took our yogurt from the ref.

Until now. Well, I stopped the stickering bit ;) so that explains the un-labeled yogurt got stolen again. Or got mistakenly eaten. But, what the ***. Some people are so stupid. I am so annoyed, however, I can’t help to think how hilarious it gets. Is a simple tub of fruit-flavored yogurt really that steal-worthy?!

I hope the yogurt bandit have non-stop diarrhea ‘til the 4th of July.

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