Monday, November 27, 2006

we have a tree!

Finally, our “first” tree was set up last night.

After last year’s non-Christmas, I insisted we keep up with the tradition of Christmas decorating this year. I may not have buntings or an ostentatious Parol, or maybe some cardboard Santa face but I was thrilled with our little tree. But a tree topper is still missing, and I’m still on the mission of finding a nice, charming one. I still wanna hang a wreath on our door or add more trinkets to our tree, or maybe some poinsettias and berries here and there...

A most ubiquitous décor back home would be the Nativity Scene, however, I may not have luck in seeing one here. I did, however, experienced a true (Pinoy) Christmas sparkle- never ending carols played on the radio. We were expecting to hear carols not until after Thanksgiving, but one radio station started playing lovely classic carols at least 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. So we’re getting an overdose of Christmas songs and carols driving to and from work.

The long Thanksgiving weekend was a much anticipated break. But like any other holiday breaks, it’s much too short. Our break was mostly spent waking up late (except for Black Friday, when we joined the throng of early shoppers!) and watching movies on DVD. We also went to a Thanksgiving dinner at our friend’s parents house. Her turkey was extra-yummy this year. We are perennial dinner visitors at their house (birthdays, Thanksgiving, New Year, etc. etc.), we’re sort of the “extra non-family family” to them.

My almost-in limelight pineapple upside down cake, which made a recent appearance at the Thanksgiving dinner will soon roll in next at the office’s Secret Santa party. I’m excited about this Secret Santa thing. Such a juvenile delight, no? Although I got a terrible, terrible present from my Secret Santa last year, I’m not discouraged one bit. However, this poor gift choice point is just so upsetting, don’t you think? I mean, who would shriek with delight over a box of an all-purpose greeting cards as a present? I’m not being hypercritical but I find it hilarious.

My so-not-a-fan-of-gift-shopping-and-gift-giving hubby surprisingly insisted on picking out Christmas gifts for our close friends, which delighted me, of course. Making decisions on appropriate gifts for each person is as critical and fulfilling as making a life-changing decision, (hehe). Gift-giving with all its frills- from choosing the wrapping paper to matching the ribbons and bows and sticking in the gift tags- is mind-boggling to most husbands. But for me, it’s fun art.

So I hope it’s gonna be a happy Christmas. We’re two kiddos alone and away from friends and home. But with our pretty, teeny tree, it will be a joyous Christmas, after all.

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