Monday, November 20, 2006

no time to be crabby!

Ingredients for a laidback weekend:
sleep ‘til lunch
Chesapeake Bay blue crabs
a quick trip to the carwash
2 hilarious movies on Sunday night

I guess I am merriest when the weekend is started right. Meaning: a schedule-free Saturday morning. Because it means I could sleep until... whenever. Last Saturday, we woke up at 11:45. Ah, bliss. After an idle lunch and more do-nothingness in the afternoon, it was time to go to our friends’ house for an evening smoking shisha. Before that, we made a quick stop to the office and then got some fries and apple pies at McDonald’s. Shisha schmisha. It was great, but that’s all there is to it. Perhaps next time when they invite us to smoke shisha again, we might have to turn them down. I had a suspicion that they only wanted us to be at their house because they wanted a second opinion about their ongoing argument that night. Shisha was an excuse, hehe.

Anyway, it has gotten steadily cold over the weekend. After hearing Mass on Sunday at noon, we headed for a quick trip to the carwash. Sadly, the hubby’s Katie has been a little neglected lately. She needed a little polishing, but the matter of spending at least twenty minutes standing in the severe cold polishing Katie in the carwash parking lot was too unappealing, so we decided she’s already “clean enough”.

The hubby had a sudden craving for crabs, so we were headed next to the supermarket for some Chesapeake Bay blue crabs. Tiny, tiny fellows. I haven’t tasted crabs ever since I was a small girl since I have an averse reaction to eating crabs. I let the hubby cook the crabs, because when I saw the first crab thrown into the steaming pot of water, suddenly, I felt like a killer, a crab murderer (!) But I tasted the blue crabs, anyway. I was almost convinced I’ve outgrown the allergic reaction to crabs and the itching afterwards was just a figment of my imagination. But I’m still itching now so I guess I still can’t eat crabs.

The hubby complained how tiny the crabs were and there wasn’t much to eat! That was the tale of his Sunday crab craving. Then it was time to watch some movies on DVD. We watched Nacho Libre and Little Man. In between movies, there was a one-hour pause to give way to our beloved The Amazing Race. The two comedies were good. Not brilliant. But it keeps you laughing the whole time, which for me, is a good measure how funny the film is. It wasn’t bad at all.

Two movies in one night. A DVD, a projector, speakers. It’s a good alternative to seeing a movie in the movie house. Inexpensive, plus you can curl up in the couch in your colorful socks. Who can get crabby with these conditions? Not us.

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