Monday, November 13, 2006

an unlikely comparison

Happy Birthday, Mr. Big.

You're mean, Lucy Van Pelt.

It's Chris Noth's a.k.a. Mr. Big birthday today. He's 52. Big is one character any woman my frame of mind would love to hate. Love, in the sense that he is gorgeous, extremely attractive- and unattainable. And hate, because he is elusive and complicated. In essence, a snakepit of emotions once you get yourself enmeshed with. But then again, you can't help but love Big.

On the other hand, Lucy Van Pelt is a girl I love to hate. She's a popular Peanuts character, who came to my attention lately because of a book I'm reading. With all her crabbiness and overbearing attitude, I just want to squash her. But she's just a pest. And as bad egg as she is, I still can't push her aside. I just get amused by her antics. There's some tidbit of Lucy Van Pelt in all of us, I believe. She's a little girl with perpetual bad hair days :)

Big and Lucy. Just an (unlikely) comparison of two characters we looove to hate, but can't ignore.

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