Thursday, November 09, 2006

a memo to myself

little mental notes to myself:

DO get up right away when the alarm sets off, otherwise you’ll be snoozing for another hour
DO remind the hubby not to buy plantains for the meantime, because you two can never tell when it’s ripe enough
DO eat more fruits and less junk
DO clean up as you go
DO pay more attention to the sometimes ignored Chinese bamboo at home (because it’s your first attempt to grow a living thing in your home and you… MUST… not... let... it… die)
DO sleep early and wake up early
DO keep on convincing the hubby that fat-free milk or 1% reduced fat milk are not worthy milk at all
DO eat imitation crabmeat
DO plan a memorable Christmas decor at home this year (wreaths! poinsettias! candles! a tree!)

DO more toiling and less dawdling

DON’T take “little” naps after you get home and before dinner- you’ll be too grumpy and sluggish to fix dinner
DON’T lose important papers among sheaf of papers scattered on the coffee table
DON’T hog under a polyester blanket and comforter with the heater on high, or else you’ll end up with a nosebleed in the morning
DON’T buy anymore cornflakes because you never eat them for breakfast, anyway
DON’T be grouchy and throw a temper tantrum when being asked to rush to get ready
DON’T succumb to a bad-hair-day
DON’T bother to read chain emails
DON’T become a fatso
DON’T entertain the idea that you can smoke
DON’T drink beer

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