Friday, March 16, 2007

thank God I have a Friday wish!

It’s a rotten, rotten day today. It’s raining nonstop and the temperature has dipped low once again. Can’t say thank God it’s Friday……….. tsk, tsk.

We’re planning to get off from work really early today. But not to chase some leisurely Friday pastime but to run some very important errands. This is life, I guess. I feel like we’re constantly running out of time. Right now, I am thinking of a long, restful sleep and that I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow. And also, I want one of those aromatherapy oil burner/warmer, and have bergamot oil burning late into the evening.

But there’s dinner to fix, and a million other things to do when you get home. Can I just plop on the sofa pillows, and maybe listen to the rainfall tapping into the glass windows, soothed by the scented oils?

I could do that. I must, I must!

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