Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sleepy and grumpy

I’ve received a second comment in two days that I look so sleepy. I suspect it’s just a mellower way of saying to me: “you look like hell”. It’s alarming! I’ve not been sleeping so well these past few weeks at all. Sleepiness is like a huge word emblazoned across my shirt, or an ubiquitous tag dangling from me, for that matter.

Yesterday, I felt so sleepy at 3:00 in the afternoon, and I couldn’t take it anymore that I had to lock the door in my office and rest my head on sheafs of papers and closed my eyes. I had to take extra precautions (hence, the locked doors) because I don’t wanna be caught sleeping at work in the middle of the afternoon. The nap was 18 minutes long. I’d be doomed if anyone from work read this, hehe.

I’m mostly to be blamed for all this fuss over sleepiness. We sleep really late, and I get troubles getting to sleep- naturally I’d wake up sluggish in the morning. With puffy eyes to match. And then the whole day, it’s like a vicious cycle of sleepy-active state. And the hubby wouldn’t buy the RLS (restless legs syndrome) thingy.

I’ve googled remedies for daylight sleepiness yesterday and one article suggested that eating chocolates will keep you awake. But it would mean you’d get fat because of consuming all those sinful chocolates. I’d rather feel sleepy, I guess, than to be a fatty. Hahaha.

Anyway, I guess I’d just have to sleep early and wake up early, too. And hopefully, I could find viable (and quick) remedies for daytime sleepiness. Any suggestions?

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