Monday, March 05, 2007

Our so-called nightlife

The only “nightlife” we could call lately are the Saturday night dinners at our friends’ house. Darko and Janet like to have us at their place from time to time, for dinner, drinks, a movie, and occasional shisha smoking. Last Saturday, we were at their place again.

Dinners at the Lazics’ are usually quiet and relaxed. And mostly filled with interesting exchanges of stories about cultural pecularities (we came from three different continents, that’s why). Funny examples: a puto is something yummy we eat in the Philippines, but in Latin America, it’s far from being an appetizing food (a swear word: faggot). And we’re curious to learn the bad words in each other’s countries. Anyway, these nights can be a lot of fun sometimes.

I downed a couple of margaritas before dinner last Saturday, does that make me a boozehound? Hehehe. Darko made his ‘specialty’ homemade pizza again. Bowtie pasta and turkey meatballs completed our dinner that night. Plus of course, free-flowing margarita which Darko was too happy to fuel us up with. Who says quiet dinners mean booze is a no-show?

We brought the movie that night, and we were kind of excited to see The Departed. With its recent Oscar Best Picture win, and a stellar cast, and explosive acting nominations for its actors, I expected a riveting, really rabble-rousing. But I swear, it was so boring my head wanted to explode! I don’t understand why it won. I thought Crash was a little tame and too self-righteous to win an Oscar last year, but at least it didn’t lull me to sleep. Sure, Leonardo di Caprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson were first-rate in their roles, but- oh, my God. It drove me insane! I read somebody’s review about how superior was Alec Baldwin’s role/acting. But all I can say is, huh??!

It was a major disappointment, really. We could’ve picked Tenacious D, or Barnyard. Maybe it would have been worth it. All the wonderful food for dinner and the delightful margarita got ruined by the bad movie.

Moral lesson: next time, don’t watch a supposed critically-acclaimed, dramatic, artistic movie in somebody else’s home. Watch it at the comfort of your home when it’s not too embarrassing to fall asleep on the couch. Hehehe!

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