Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dolled up

Last night, I got a message from my mom asking me if she could give away the toys that I have been keeping all these years. She was in the final stages of packing to move to her new home, and all my other things when I was single has to be displaced somehow. When she mentioned “toys”, the instant object that came into my mind is my rag doll collection. At some point in my teens (and early twenties), I have collected these adorable, pudgy rag dolls.

I have the smallest and the biggest rag doll in my stash. And like a true corny sentimentalist, I have a name for each of them. It’s a sad thing that it never occurred to me to photograph each of them (I have a feeling this would be a little too much, hehe). Some of them are bought, and a lot of them are given by my friends, who never hesitated in indulging me a bit in my habit.

And so I was a little alarmed when she sent me that message. But no, she’s not giving my rag dolls away, she assured me. What she meant were my other tiny stuffed animals I’ve also collected on the side. I’m a sporadic collector (pairs of brightly painted ceramic soup bowls, pig figurines, Readers Digest condensed books, etc.), but aside from the rag dolls and old issues (60s, 70s) of National Geographic magazines, I’ve only managed to collect few items of those before the pursuit went pffft.

My rag doll collection has a special spot in my heart. I’ve dreamt of bestowing the whole coterie to my daughter(s) when they come of age. I think it’s a very girly thing. That’s why I love the dolls very much. Actually, I can only recall a few names right now- Fate, Angelica Pickles, Chrissy, Cindy, Li’l. I’m sure the others are corny names, too ;)

Mom asked me also what’s she gonna do with a whole box of cards and letters that I have. We’re talking about those ancient snail mails from friends, pre-email/e-card days. I have quite a bulk of those, and I told mom to just keep in a box somewhere. I wanna go through each of them one day, and remember all the wistful memories. The rediscovery of this unexpected collection will be phenomenal. I can’t wait!

My rag doll troupe, I hope, will kindle the same fiery enthusiasm in another young girl’s eyes someday soon.

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