Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This Kiss, Last Kiss

It’s funny how some inane things spark a memory- funny, touching or just plain run-of-the-mill kind, and somehow it makes us associate things. Right now, I could think of two things, two songs actually, This Kiss and Got To Believe. Well, these are cheesy songs, I know. But I’d shoot one person in the head (especially people my age!) who claims h/she never ever listened to these songs.

Last Saturday afternoon, I heard This Kiss by Faith Hill on the radio, from the movie Practical Magic (which is, by the way, one of my favorite movies of all time). “It’s the way you love me, it’s a feeling like this, it’s centrifugal motion, it’s perpetual bliss, it’s that pivotal moment, it’s unthinkable, this kiss, this kiss”. For a romance junkie like me, those words can melt any hardened hearts out there.

Then there’s Got To Believe. Well, everybody knows who sang that song ;) And for the love of me, I always tie it up to Rico Yan. I know, I’ve watched that movie with the same title (his last one) with my friends Bonna, Candice and her adorable son Joseton.

But these two actually share a similar twist and plight, I realized. It was too late when Gillian (Sandra Bullock) learned about the curse that the man she truly loves, dies. The finality, despair, the pain of the irrevocability of her lost love was poured out when she confronted her aunts about the death of her husband, her true love, a man she couldn’t stop kissing. And well, yeah, since I read my showbusiness news ;) Rico and Claudine were about to reconcile and planned to see each other as soon as he return from his vacation, and then he suddenly died.

It must be tragic beyond explanation, to hope to see somebody you love and suddenly he dies a tragic death without you saying your amends. And much worse if the last time you ever saw that person your heart was filled with pain and resentment. And when you’re ready to make peace, that other person is gone. No matter what others opine, I still would say it was sorrow beyond any man could muster.

There are thousands expositions on that tribulation. How can we categorize this love misfortune? There’s rejected love, there’s unrequited love. All of it is bittersweet sorrow. However, parting with an excess baggage of an unfinished business, too much unheard words, too many unsaid words, is just plain sorrow. An agony for one’s soul.

Anyway, just a thought about life’s endless possibilities. And love’s fate and integrity. And of course, the joys of unembellished love songs which never fail to break hearts, exalt love or bestir feelings, thoughts and memories.

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