Monday, October 30, 2006

a cold, sweet week ender

Late Sunday afternoon, we decided to call on the Lincoln Memorial for some quietude and diversion. Actually, the monument wasn’t our ultimate pit stop that day. We just came from the shopping mall, and the hubby suggested we go to that Peruvian procession in Adams Morgan. But we were too late and the crowds were thinning when we got there. After picking up some empanadas (Chilean empanada, my favorite!), we thought of going to The Mall, however, we ended up on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and had a spectacular view of the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool at dusk.

It was terribly cold and windy! I couldn’t help but shiver in my shoes. But the view was priceless, of course. Nothing beats watching the sun set on the monuments, and watching the obelisk glow. But minus the 40 degree chill, I wish. Why didn’t we think of this in the summer?

I actually love our assorted Sunday afternoon activities here. Back home, it was pretty predictable, and back then, if we’re not in one mall then we’re at the other mall, either for some movie or BBQ-flavored French fries and pearl shakes. Ah, pearl shakes. Those were the days. Rico Yan was still alive then. Or we’re at Shakey’s for mojo potatoes and manager’s choice pizza. It was predictable, but consistently happy. And it will hold a soft spot in my heart forever.

We also had a great time last Friday night. We met up with some officemates for tapas at a Spanish tapas bar. It was some kind of a farewell party for our officemate Hanan, who’s getting married next month and who’s embarking on a new job post soon. The tapas are all exquisite, we couldn’t get enough of it- paella Valenciana, croquetas de pollo, gambas al Ajillo. Just writing it makes my mouth water once again. And my favorite part of all- free flowing sangría! I drank too many of the blood-red sweetened potion, and I wanted more! hehe Which made silly old me merrily boozed up afterwards.

Well, it wasn’t such a shabby mode to end a maddening, insipid week at all!

P.S. What’s on my mind at this moment: pineapple upside-down cake, brownie and a middle-eastern lunch on Wednesday. Hurray for food.

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