Monday, October 16, 2006

once upon a reverie

If time and circumstance allow it, and if I have an inexhaustible pool of funds that I could happily just retire at this tender age of 29, I think I’m going to be… a florist.

Imagine how blissful it would be surrounded by beautiful flowers all day, never worrying about irate callers, meetings, deadlines, grouchy bosses and edgy officemates. I’ll be there in my off-white/beige/celadon flower shop, tender love songs piped in, comfortable lemon-and-lime couches for my customers, rows upon rows of flowers- roses, lilies, carnations, daisies, orchids, tulips, peonies…. in all glorious colors. And there I would be, gladly arranging bouquets and vases of those divine beauties.

Talking about it makes me feel like Ferdinand, the children’s storybook bull who would rather smell the flowers than fight in bullfights!

Once in a while, we have these brief moments of fantasy, maybe as an escape from a dull, cold day or a temporary exasperation about something. Or maybe just for fun. Like answering inanely delightful queries such as: If you can only wear one piece of clothing item for the rest of your life, what would it be? Or something like: If you could eat only one dish all your life, what would that be? Maybe even something silly like: What’s the best name for a cat?

This is reminiscent of past Group Process sessions back in my freshman year in college. One catches a glimpse of the other’s inner thoughts and wishes. It’s always fascinating to have that kind of games. It also makes us examine our own personal goals and vantage points in life. But it’s really all about exploring your willingness to have fun.

My hubby has a fantastic idea, too. If money won’t be an object and he can just retire, he would be a photographer and travel all over and photograph all the exquisite things in the world. Flowers and photographs, how splendid would that be?