Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a box of 64 colors

Back in my schoolgirl days, a 64-color crayon box was more than awesome. If you have it, then you’re “it”. One girl can own two most precious possessions in preschool and first grade- a snazzy pencil case and a 64-color box of Crayola. Armed with that, any little girl can smile and sing away the whole year through.

However, I was dumbfounded to learn that currently there are, at least, 120 colors in the biggest box of Crayola! Do preschoolers and young ‘uns really need all those fancy schmancy colors? I mean, do they really, absolutely, necessarily need wild blue yonder, razzmatazz or antique brass to color a page in their coloring books? Can they even spell those colors? (hehee-hee) It’s all blue, red and brown to them.

Click here and here too to see all the Crayola colors.

Well, times have indeed changed. Now it has more variety, more character, more fun I suppose. A box of crayons has become much brighter and zestful. Gone were the days when the grass, the melon and the leaves on the trees share the same shade of green, or the sun, the lemon, and the sunflower are plain yellow.

Perhaps it makes life a little more vibrant, a little more colorful, and a little more pizzazz here and there?

Here’s a little word association game:

black- my pair of Mary Jane school shoes in HS
blue- my blue Xavier U tie
brown- brown sugar made into caramel for leche flan
green- green kaong in buko salad
orange- a carrot= Bugs Bunny= What’s up, Doc?
red- a single cherry in a can of fruit cocktail
violet- my violet Tigger socks years ago/DNG’s Vitara
vellow- jackfruit, with its intense aroma which I strangely could not stand
gold- gold glitters used to decorate home-made Xmas cards
carnation pink- tutus and ballet shoes
red violet- mangosteen
Prussian blue- Xavier colors, I guess
salmon- pair of tights and leotards in dancing class
turquoise- gemstones used in making bracelets and necklaces
burnt sienna- some of Fall colors
maroon- school uniform (not mine)
periwinkle- a gloomy day, I suppose
sepia- old photographs
aquamarine- endless sea
goldenrod- bunch of gerbera

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