Wednesday, August 01, 2007

these pimples give me a headache

I’ve been having breakouts especially in my forehead area for the past month, and no matter how clean and refreshed I make my face, they seem to keep popping up like a party crasher. A nightmare. I have those tiny, tiny ones which really annoy me and I believe, the more I think (and worry) about them, the more they appear. Sometimes I feel my forehead felt like sandpaper.

They appear for a week, and then my skin gets clear again. And then they reappear after three weeks. Oh, zit emergency! Stress? Wrong facial wash? Looking online for remedies, I found this:

Aspirin contains BHA (Beta hydroxy acid) which is a powerful defoliant and great at helping unclog pores and clear blemishes. It's recommended that you use the Aspirin mask / scrub once a week.

Step 1: Take 6 - 8 uncoated aspirin tablets in cup or bowl and crush them in to a powder.
Step 2: Add a few drops of warm/hot water, aloe vera gel or honey, now stir until you have a thick white paste. You may need to add more water to achieve the right consistency.
Step 3: Spread over your entire face, sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes. You'll know when 15 minutes is up as the mask is likely to start falling off your face.
Step 4: Wash off the mask with warm water and a gentle cleanser, as you wash gently massage, the grains will help exfoliate and reveal softer, glowing skin.
Step 5: Gently pat your face dry.

I always have a bottle of aspirin in my tote, and so I was thinking, hmmm, would this actually work? Would I try it? I’m kind of apprehensive about the defoliant thing. Sounds like a potent thing to me. If case turns worse, I don’t want potholes in my face! If a tiny pill of aspirin can zap out a terrible headache, it makes me wonder how will it do to my puny pimples.

Hindi lang pang-headache, pang-pimples pa!!

I’ll think about it.


Anonymous said...

i have a pimple on the side of my nose and it is giving me a headache..why is this? what makes a pimple give a headache??????

Jassy said...

figure it out :D

Anonymous said...

You got to stop rubbing cummy cock on your face