Thursday, August 02, 2007

A little recycling goes a long way

Global warming and recycling are two of the most pressing and significant topics right now. And although I wouldn’t label myself a hardcore environmentalist/activist, I care about the environment and I do my best in performing my part in saving the environment.

In my own little way, I take an effort to recycle, and do much with less. The hubby and I abhor seeing heaps of advertising papers which clog our mailbox everyday. It is also sad to see those fancy, thick glossy papers used for cable and internet advertising in the mail, and of course, those useless junk mail we receive on a daily basis. Wasting too much paper!

Doing a bit of recycling is meaningful on my part. It may not be enough, but I can say that I’m not adding up to the already wasteful ways of doing things:

- We try to use less plastic bags as much as we can when do our grocery shopping, and I use those plastic bags for the trash. I had never used those regular trash bags.
- I use old newspapers in blotting out oil from the frying pan.
- I have a lot of extra hand towels in the kitchen so that I will use less paper towels; especially if I just want to dry my hands.
- I recycle plastic containers from the supermarket.
- I am an avid recycle-r of boxes, or gift boxes. I collect and save boxes early on for birthday and Christmas gift boxes.
- I recycle gift wraps! (So sue me for being so inot (stingy)!
- I don’t drink coffee anymore so no one can ever accuse me of squandering those Starbucks venti cups.
- I am not so gung-ho in using disposable paper plates for dinner at home (for easy clean-up purposes). I’d rather spend an extra half-hour doing the dishes.
- One requirement in shopping- wrinkle-free fabrics. Less ironing, less electricity used.
- I use the back of the paper for taking down notes.

I hope I can do more in the future…

How do you recycle?

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