Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Favorite Quote of the Day

"Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but only the pig likes it"

I came across this smart-ass quip online today, and it gives me the kicks since no matter what we say or think, it’s so true it’s funny!

It’s a pleasant distraction because of late, it has been dreary, moody and just plain bonkers. The weather sucks, not all things happen my way, stress can be excruciating. All I need is something to kick me out of glumness and stimulate my rather cluttered temperament right now. And what I need is a clever quote like that!

And the naked truth of the quote is diabolically cruel and wicked. But it makes us think. Hard. Why not? You choose your battles. If any loathsome character irks you, you just don’t jump at it and start a scuffle. It’s because loathsome characters intend to make your life detestable and miserable. And they get the satisfaction out of your misery. Rule no.1- never ever give them that satisfaction. As they say, no one can really hurt you unless you let them.

Life is too short to bother dueling off with pigs. There are many faces of pigs in this world – 1) one who unabashedly criticizes you in front of people; 2) one who thinks and makes you feel you’re beneath him; 3) one who is so inconsiderate he thinks he owns the world; 4) one who is so wasteful and selfish they never care about starving people in the world; 5) one who cheats; 6) one who constantly finds fault in everything you do; 7) one who thinks he’s the single most important person in this part of the world. And many other pig characters you can think about. Possibly, they’re clueless about their trashiness. But that makes them all the more dislikable.

It is also an atrocity to be thinking too much about these characters. That is why, you have to follow just the simple rules: 1) the quote above; 2) don’t waste your precious time fraternizing with people who pig it.

Have a happy-hippo life!

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