Monday, April 02, 2007

back to Pooh corner

After a three-day hiatus from work, and then a lazy two-day weekend, I am almost reluctant to get up this morning to go back to work- to mounting paperwork, amassed voicemails and horde of emails. But when I got to my tiny, corner office at half past eight today, I was instantly relieved to be in this safe, quiet haven.

I, luckily, am lying low in a corner office where only a few people ever bother to venture- which is the nicest thing since I don’t ever get disturbed. Sometimes, I could stay here in my office working all morning and all afternoon without being interrupted. I just hear muted conversations from adjacent offices, distant phone rings, and the oh-so wonderful silence. The world has gone mad, indeed, because the old me who thrived on endless chatter now glorify noiselessness. Or perhaps, I have just gotten old.

Last week, we made a quick trip to New York City to show my visiting mother in law around. The noise, fast and nonstop activity was overwhelming a bit. My mother in law loved it. She has complained to us that our place is too deafeningly quiet, too boring. But the hubby and I have grown devoted to a quiet, peaceful life.

We took her to the usual touristy spots in New York- Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, Central Park, Empire State Building, Liberty Island, Chinatown, etc. It would’ve way more fun if not for the dreadful cold and windy weather. My two previous trips to New York, weather-wise, were more desirable. Last year, the hubby and I had a great time with my best friend and her family when they visited from Australia.

The brighter aspect in the trip were my two rewards that day- a bottle of perfume and a red tote- a guaranteed mark to make any (shivery) woman happy!

So now I’m back here to my warm, quiet, obscure hole. I guess occasional chaos and fast pace would be good for the body and soul. It keeps the balance mentally and physically. I would love to visit noisy places from time to time, but right now, this hushed, unruffled surroundings seem as beautiful as ever…

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