Friday, March 31, 2006

at the end of the day

There is nothing more delighful than to end a day with amusing thoughts and anecdotes. Today, I got a couple of hilarious tale. Last night, my Mom sent me a text message telling me about a funny thing that happened to my dog. Bub got hit on the head by a guyabano fruit at the back of our house. I couldn't stop laughing thinking about my poor tiny dog, being knocked over by a guyabano and getting green stains on her head!

And then at the lunch table today, a new staff asked me and David if we were brother and sister! Because we look alike, she said. Imagine that. It definitely made the other lunchers guffaw. We laughed so hard about it. Sometimes, we're mistaken as brother and sister. Hilarious.

What better way to wrap up a particularly stressful week? Tonight, smoking shisha with friends. Tomorrow, the cherry blossoms in DC.

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