Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shallow Stein

Here’s an excerpt from a Joel Stein article in TIME Magazine, April 9, 2007,9171,1604946,00.html

Jollibee, with more than 1,400 stores in the Philippines and 11 branches in California, makes McDonald's look like a funeral parlor. Its mascot is a jolly bee, and the restaurants are blindingly happy, all giant, shiny yellow blocks, as if they were designed by an architect from Legoland. Even if you gave Walt Disney all the ecstasy in the world, he would not have come up with this. America, according to Jollibee, is clearly a place of childlike optimism. Jollibee's two most popular items are called the Yumburger and the Chickenjoy. The Yumburger has a weird, plasticky dollop of French dressing in the middle. The crisped-up French fries are dry inside and taste as if they weren't just double fried but dunked in oil four or five times. The fried chicken is halfway decent, but the inflated, happy fakeness of Jollibee makes you feel that the only American its Filipino owners have ever seen is Pamela Anderson.

Can you believe what this obtuse clown has been saying? It’s pretty obvious that he is slanted, if not totally bigoted, writing about this. And it totally irks when reading articles like this is that everything have to “taste” like American, “look” like American, “feel” like American. And Joel Stein has been clueless (ignorant?) in writing about Jollibee’s concept and appearance. And please, Jollibee was NOT made for America. Although, it is American style-inspired, Jollibee is 100% Filipino made for the Filipino people. The bright red and yellow colors of Jollibee depict the happy, open-minded and tolerant nature of the Filipinos. Jollibee was made for, and will always be for the boundlessly good-natured Filipino children. And Jollibee has been a big hit in the Philippines before it came to America to cater to the taste of the Filipino people residing here. Why does Joel Stein thought Jollibee was made for America?

He may not fancy the taste of Jollibee, but to call it fake is outrageous. I wonder what standards Joel Stein are using. His own twisted, tainted American standard, perhaps? And to say that “the only American its Filipino owners have seen is Pamela Anderson”. Can you believe a TIME writer like Joel Stein still think that Filipinos have limited, puny and crude view and experience of America? For his information, the Jollibee owners can buy him anytime, with plenty of millions still to spare. Hmm, it makes me think if Joel Stein still believes that Filipinos live in tree houses. Can you believe this Shallow Stein?

I used to like reading Joel Stein’s articles, but this definitely has turned me off. It doesn't matter if he calls that crap a "humorous article". Down with Stein, stand up for Jollibee!!!


Anonymous said...

Shame on you Joel Stein!
You are too naive, ignorant and wrogn!

Carlo said...

hahahaha! This is funny! Ok Stein!

I know you love "Mc Do" as we say it in FILIPINO terms, but come on! Accept the Defeat! its all about business trends and keeping at pace :). I share your sentiments! but not your ridiculous views :))

Jassy said...

Clofax, what medication are you on???!

Read, and reread Stein's article, okay? So that will understand what an oaf Stein really is in his views towards us.