Tuesday, December 19, 2006


To celebrate our second wedding anniversary (December 18th), the hubby and I went to a Spanish tapas bar. Since I am persnickety when it comes to dates, anniversaries and fussy little details only OCs like me can devour, I was a little grim nobody remembered our anniversary (well, except for Mom and Roselle!). The hubby said, nobody ever remembers any wedding anniversaries. Is that true?! Well, I remember most of my friends’ wedding anniversaries or the dates they went steady. Hahaha!

So there. I can’t help it. I’m always a sucker for anniversaries. So at this place that we went to, we ordered paella valenciana, gambas gabardina, brocheta de pollo and chorizo al parilla. And this marvelous drink- sangria margarita, a wicked mixture of triple sec, tequila and white wine. ¡Increíble! I love it to the last drop. The hubby was teasing me because I got all giggly (it meant I was drunk, hehe). I was quick to order the drink to the waiter, but he was quicker to see my i.d.!

I had a great time. Despite the tough brocheta de pollo, the dinner went well and it was a great little celebration. I love anniversaries! I believe that it’s a must to celebrate every little thing you’ve got, before detachment and dispassion become a way of life and before you know it, you’re both drained off passion and left to rot. So celebrate! No matter how cheesy it gets.

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