Thursday, December 14, 2006

an ode to my manic state of mind

Ever felt like a chattering teeth wind-up toy? Hopping maddeningly, aimlessly all over the place? I was a wind-up chattering teeth for a day. I woke up yesterday morning, with a sense of foreboding, not in a cataclysmic sense but a kind of sheepish admittance because……. (drumrolls, please) I left a lot of work undone the previous day.

Tuesday was a day of nonchalance. I left a lot of emails and tasks half-done because I got myself busy with getting annoyed and angry. As usual, over things which doesn’t kill me actually, but nevertheless I let myself soak into a state of angriness. It was gratifying, while it lasted. So yesterday, there I was catching up with my accumulated emails, and then happily cramming up urgent tasks in between this-and-that phone calls. Mr. Time Management would promptly (and zealously!) mark me an F!

I thought I work best on the eleventh hour. Well, that might have worked a long time ago. I was tempted to believe now that it’s still legit. But it wouldn’t save my bottom now, which is why I thought parading such a racket should be a once in a blue moon thingy only- ONLY when you’re in a manic state of mind. In the midst of that manic state, a thought came across my mind- that it was actually good! Satisfying… in a foolish kind of way. But then again, I’m not sixteen anymore who’s postulated to do such sheepish things.

Oh, well. Everything fell into place, luckily. I felt the rush, and it must have been a tailor-made cure to my intermittent feeling of sleepiness of late. It sure did jolt me back into haste. Come to think of it, acting like a wind-up toy, what a sight I must have been. But who cares? ¡Vivas!

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